Radio Tower Road

Project Description:

The headquarters for the Army Military Affiliate Radio System is stationed on a military reservation located in the Huachuca Mountains in the southeast County of Cochise. Several radio towers located at the top of the mountains require regular maintenance access. The access road became impassable due to erosion and vehicular traffic. Cable Concrete® mats were manufactured at the staging yard located at the base of the mountain. The mats were installed from the mountain base towards the top creating a solid, secure roadway to the radio towers. Prior to the Cable Concrete® installation, maintenance crews were forced to use military vehicles, struggling to reach the top. Maintenance crews are now able to use two wheel and four wheel pick up trucks since the Cable Concrete® has been installed.

Project Location:
Ft. Huachuca, Arizona

Scope of Project:
CC45 - 1858.1 sqm

Project Install Date:
January, 2002


In House - Ft. Huachuca

Nu-Tech Construction