South Walsingham Transfer Station

Project Description:

The South Walsingham Transfer Station was upgraded with new retaining walls for its waste drop area. The new retaining wall had a height of 2.5m and a length of 57m with seven 90 degree bends. The wall was designed by a joint effort with Walker Environmental and IECS. It was also designed with a number of modifications. The first modification was to eliminate the 5 degree lean back that is regularly built into the LG retaining wall system. This was done to better accommodate vehicles and the drop off bins. The second modification was the smooth finish on the face of the blocks as opposed to the ashlar stone finish. This was a great project that really highlights the versatility and performance of the LG system.

Project Location:
Norfolk County, Ontario

Scope of Project:
2.5m high x 57m long of various LG Retaining System Blocks

Project Install Date:

Walker Environmental & Norfolk County

Walker Environmental & IECS

Walker Environmental