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Lillooet Bridge

Product: Cable Concrete

The existing single-lane bridge was installed in 1994 as a temporary structure until a permanent bridge was designed and constructed. The current single-lane bridge is a vital section of Highway 99, as well as a connector between the Village of Lillooet and the Cayoose Creek Indian Reserve. Year-round, an estimated 800-1,300 vehicles use the thoroughfare […]

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Esseltine Drain

Product: Cable Concrete

The Esseltine drain was in complete disrepair. 1 Kilometer of the drain needed to be reconstructed due to years of erosion issues. Homeowners along the drain were at risk of losing large portions of their land into the drain that led into Lake Erie. When looking at different erosion control products R.C. Spencer Associates chose […]

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Cougar Creek Channel Bank Protection – CAP 1344

Product: Cable Concrete

Remedial works were conducted to rebuild the Cougar Creek Channel after the devastating 2013 flooding event suffered in Alberta, Canada. Cable Concrete was designed to line the banks and to protect the channel from further erosion in the case of another flood event. Cable Concrete was extensively engineered to the specific design dimensions of the […]

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Road 10 Crossing Over Patterson Drain

Product: Cable Concrete

IECS Group supplied this 12m long Box Culvert in 6 sections. The large pieces were installed in one day. Box Culverts are one of the newest additions to the product line. We are able to manufacture almost any size depending on the project requirements. […]

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