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Davenport Diamond Grade Separation 

Product: Specialty Precast

IECS took on the extremely challenging task of precasting 1.4km of elevated guideway for the Davenport Diamond Grade Separation project. This unique guideway was designed around heavy rail loading increasing reinforcing and limiting space within the formwork. Each segment had a weight of roughly 65,000kg and was delivered with escorts to Toronto. Once on site […]

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Replacement of Culvert 631 

Products: Precast Box Culverts, Precast Headwalls, Specialty Precast

IECS custom built this Precast Open Bottom Culvert (12 spans) complete with Precast Footings, Wingwalls and Headerwalls. Each culvert span weighed 27,000Kg. […]

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Coast Subdivision Stilling Basin

Products: Precast Headwalls, Specialty Precast

This stilling basin structure posed a very unique challenge to Omega Contractors, the structure was called to be cast-in- place, it was right on the shore of Lake Huron and there was poor access to the location. IECS Group was able to give Omega a pre-cast solution that did not involve pouring concrete on the […]

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Trent-Severn Waterway Lock 1 at Dam 1 Reconstruction

Product: Specialty Precast

IECS manufactured and delivered 80 Post Tensioned Precast Deck Slabs to the Reconstruction of Dam 1 in Trenton Ontario. Each slab had a weight of 17,000kg spanning nearly 10 meters over each of the 16 newly built sluice gates and were aesthetically enhanced with a broom finish and a 75mm radius on all exterior edges. […]

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