About IECS Group

Our History

IECS Group Inc. has been manufacturing and selling soil stabilizing erosion control products since 1984. IECS has become one of the leading international companies for solving soil erosion problems.

Precast concrete was the starting point of the company founded in 1984 by Arvai’s father, Louis. Originally pouring concrete for domestic driveways and sidewalks in Ontario, he and his partners then started precasting patio stones. A series of progressions and modifications to the precast product line resulted in Cable Concrete, a turning point for the growing business. An ACB mat system connected by cables, it forms flexibly to the ground’s surface and can be easily cut to fit irregular shaped areas. Initially only available in one block size, it evolved through lab studies and testing into the fully engineered offering it is today, customizable according to the stability required.

As Cable Concrete took off in the late 1980s, the precast product line was also growing and diversifying. It began with headwalls in residential areas. Louis and his then partner Charlie kept seeing them in the plans of projects for which they’d been brought in to install concrete mats. The two wondered if they could cast them and after some experimentation, IECS was the first to market with a precast headwall. From there they diversified further, on to larger box culverts, box manholes and bridge elements, drawn to anything unique and challenging, a factor in their move towards heavy civil structure projects. One of very few companies willing to take on some particularly difficult challenges, IECS still offers a fair price.

These bespoke solutions also have the additional benefit of streamlining the process for contractors considerably. Specializing in large scale structures, IECS offers segmental precast alternatives that save contractors time and money, while also cutting down on other processes such as shoring, dewatering, and bypass pumping. Items traditionally formed and poured on site can take 4-8 weeks to do so, whereas ones manufactured off site at the IECS facility can be installed in a matter of days.

Leaders In The Industry

At IECS Group Inc. we are continuously striving to improve our products and services, while offering the latest, most efficient, and cost effective ways to meet your project needs. We will ensure that all our customer requirements are met and will deliver the material in a timely manner, using a management process designed to ensure continuous improvement, and the achievement of our corporate goals and objectives.

Our Values Matter

Our Vision

To be first to mind for concrete mattress and precast challenges.

Our Mission

We provide innovative precast infrastructure solutions that save time.

Our Values

Optimism: A core belief that we can solve any problem.

Family: Deep roots, family culture, high integrity.

Transparency: Operate in a clear and straightforward manner.

Quality: Strive for excellence in everything we do.

Head Office

22295 Hoskins Line
Rodney, Ontario
Canada, N0L 2C0

We are located in Ontario, Canada and serve customers around the world with custom precast infrastructure solutions. Work with our team of expert engineers and detailed trades for your next project.

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