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Precast Headwalls

In today’s evolving world of high speed construction, we are all looking for effective ways to save time and money. Precast Headwalls are a great solution to achieve this, and are described as a retaining wall at the inlet or outlet of a pipe or culvert. We ensure unparalleled quality with our Precast Headwalls, as IECS Group Inc. is a pioneer in the Precast Headwall market. In 1996 we introduced the first ever OPSD 804.04 style Precast headwall, and have since continued to develop different systems to construct this unit to accommodate customers’ needs on a per job basis. We offer a wide spectrum of standard and modified walls which conform to provincial standards.

Design Features

IECS Precast Headwalls can be customized to fit multiple pipe openings, box culverts and horizontal elliptical applications. Our headwalls are available with galvanized or epoxy coated grate, which is attached during manufacturing (OPSD 804.05) and Danger Keep Out warning (OPSD 3940.150).

Made with air entrained concrete for durability and freeze-thaw fracture resistance

Cables are looped on all mat edges to provide for mat-to-mat connection and optional anchoring

There is up to 20-40% open area to provide water permeability and vegetation growth

The pyramidal block shape allows for articulation, ranging from 20° to 60° – depending upon the block size chosen

Complete engineering analysis, with flume testing, has been conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, University of Colorado and the University of Minnesota. Cable Concrete® is manufactured to exact specifications, which exceed both federal, provincial MTO and state D.O.T. requirements

Available Styles

OPSD 804.040

2-piece stackable precast headwall.

OPSD 804.040

9-piece segmental precast headwall ideal for severe slopes, hard to reach areas, confined space and large or heavy structures.

OPSD 804.030

1-piece unit without wing walls.

OPSD 804.020

2-piece system without wings walls, conforming to pipe diameters over 825mm.

Note: All of our Precast Headwalls are available with form lined finish to enhance aesthetics.

Featured Precast Headwall Project

Coast Subdivision Stilling Basin

This stilling basin structure posed a very unique challenge to Omega Contractors, the structure was called to be cast-in- place, it was right on the shore of Lake Huron and there was poor access to the location. IECS Group was able to give Omega a pre-cast solution that did not involve pouring concrete on the shore of Lake Huron in the dead of Winter.

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