LG Retaining System is a large stackable concrete unit that creates a solid and stable retaining wall. These walls are very strong, and also easy to install. Due to their simplicity, effectiveness, and attractive finish, LG Retaining System is the contractors choice.

LG Retaining System is available in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit unique site specifications.



  • The pairing of LG Retaining System and geotextile cloth permits hydrostatic pressure to drain uniformly through the drainage ducts, which prevents failures from inadequate drainage
  • Prevention of land erosion along streams and rivers
  • Retaining walls along highways, railroads and landscaping
  • Provide support for bridges, piers and other similar uses
  • Commercial and residential multipurpose walls


  • Minimal site preparation is required
  • Quick and easy installation with the use of hydraulic equipment
  • Interlocking systems ensure long-term stability
  • Environmentally friendly




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