Davenport Diamond Grade Separation

Specialty Precast

IECS Continues to set the bar in the world of specialty precast challenges, offering segmental systems for most structural designs. Pre-casting the typical “cast-in-place” specification is a solution that can save the construction world time and money by greatly reducing shoring, dewatering and weather variables. All IECS’ products are manufactured indoors under a controlled environment ensuring the quality out company has been built on for over three decades. Continuing to reinvent what precast can be IECS welcomes all challenges, big or small and have shown time and again the ability to think “outside the box” and manufacture to site specific needs and obstacles.


  • Deck slabs / Approach slabs
  • Bridge Girders
  • Box manholes / Chambers
  • Footings
  • Custom walls

Quality Assurance

Certified Under the CSA A23.4 Pre-Cast Concrete Products Certification Program under the following categories:

  • Group B1- Pre-Cast Concrete Bridge Products: Conventionally precast concrete elements
  • Group C1- Precast Concrete Commercial (Str.) Products: Conventionally precast concrete elements
  • Group D- Standard Precast Concrete Drainage Products
  • Group S- Standard Products: Plain or Reinforced concrete elements without architectural Finish that are not included in other Categories.


Certified Under the CPCQA Prequalification Requirements for Precast Concrete Drainage Products Under the following specifications:

  • Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert: OPSS 1821
  • 1800 x 900 to 3000 x 2400 mm
  • All related products: Fittings, bends, reducers, increasers, plugs, caps and radius boxes
  • Reinforced Concrete Headwalls:
    OPSD 804.03- Headwalls for pipe less than 900 mm diameter,
    OPSD 804.04- Headwall for pipe 600 mm to 2400 mm diameter

Featured specialty precast Projects

Trent-Severn Waterway Lock 1 at Dam 1 Reconstruction

IECS manufactured and delivered 80 Post Tensioned Precast Deck Slabs to the Reconstruction of Dam 1 in Trenton Ontario. Each slab had a weight of 17,000kg spanning nearly 10 meters over each of the 16 newly built sluice gates and were aesthetically enhanced with a broom finish and a 75mm radius on all exterior edges.

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