Precast Headwalls

Coast Subdivision Stilling Basin

This stilling basin structure posed a very unique challenge to Omega Contractors, the structure was called to be cast-in- place, it was right on the shore of Lake Huron and there was poor access to the location. IECS Group was able to give Omega a pre-cast solution that did not involve pouring concrete on the shore of Lake Huron in the dead of Winter. This structure was 37m Long and 6m Tall. IECS group pre-cast the structure in 57 pieces which were assembled and connected onsite with concrete and rebar cavities at all the seams. The structure was installed over a period of 3 weeks in early 2021.

Precast Headwalls, Specialty Precast

Goderich, Ontario

57 pre-cast sections for Stilling Basin

Install Date:

City of Goderich

GM BluePlan Engineering

Omega Contractors