Esseltine Drain

Esseltine Drain

The Esseltine drain was in complete disrepair. 1 Kilometer of the drain needed to be reconstructed due to years of erosion issues. Homeowners along the drain were at risk of losing large portions of their land into the drain that led into Lake Erie. When looking at different erosion control products R.C. Spencer Associates chose to use IECS’ Groups CC-45 block over rip rap, a poured concrete channel or erosion control blankets. The stability and flexibility of the Cable Concrete system checked all the boxes to make this the product of choice. IECS group worked closely with R.C. Spencer Associates during the design stages of the project and were onsite during portions of installation as well. In total 11,000 sm of the CC-45 block was installed incrementally over a period of a couple months in early 2021.

Cable Concrete

Kingsville, Ontario

11,000sm CC-45

Install Date:

City of Kingsville

R.C. Spencer Associates

Southshore Contracting